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Small Acts of Kindness Outshine The Best Of Intentions: An Interview with Ms. Ainee Nasir Jamy

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Ms. Ainee Nasir is an exemplary individual who came forward into the realm of social service with the intention of increasing access to a very basic human right: education for all children. Ms. Ainee is a true role model for all women in Pakistan, proving that no matter how small the steps you take may seem in the beginning, they inevitably make for huge social improvements in the long-term.

Afsana recently got the chance to interview Ms. Ainee, who is the Chairperson of Sunbeams School System. Arooj Saghir, a member of our journalism team visited her office to learn more about her life’s journey and experiences, as well as her perspective on educating the women and youth of Pakistan.

Ms. Ainee Nasir Jamy is an educationalist with 25 years of experience. She has worked in Pakistan as well as in the UK and the US (where she earned her teaching certification). Her experience in the field of education is considerable, and she coupled it with her philanthropic efforts to establish the Sunbeams School System. Through this endeavor, she has been educating the youth of Pakistan’s rural areas. Here is the story of the creation of Sunbeams, in her words:

Her journey does not end at the creation of Sunbeams, however. Ms. Ainee has a long list of dreams for the future. She believes that Pakistan has a huge rural-urban divide, which leads to a lot of discrimination in the provision of basic human rights. Rural areas are far behind in the amount of facilities available to their residents, as a result of which many people migrate to urban areas. Ms. Ainee hopes facilitating villages with good institutes for education can spur rural development, since educated children will be able to help themselves as well as their communities. Her views on the state of women’s education can be heard in this clip:

In the following clip, Ms. Ainee comments on the awareness of rural areas’ women have regarding their educational right and includes tips for building such awareness:

Here, Ms. Ainee comments on the role of education in decreasing domestic violence:

Her passion and hard work have pushed many women towards educating themselves to increase their standing in their communities, and play a genuine role in the development of society for a better future for Pakistan.

To that end, here is a message from her for all Pakistani girls and women regarding their education and empowerment:

From Afsana: We would like to thank Ms. Ainee for her valuable time and insight. Her story is a hugely inspiring testament to the power of individual action. Some may think that their efforts cannot make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things, but such notions can be obstacles in the way of real change that positively impacts society at large. Afsana hopes to channel this spirit of individual inspiration as part of a mass movement for empathy. Like Ms. Ainee, we believe that even the smallest of steps can have a massive impact in the long run, and we hope you will join us on this journey. If you have or know anyone who has a story that could inspire or build empathy for the cause of women’s education, we urge you to reach out to us. Small acts of empathy are all we need to succeed.

Written by Hafsa Mushtaq

Edited by Adil Rahim Hyder


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