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Shumaila and Shabaz: The Cruel Reality of Choice

The ten unsponsored children from Noreen Zindagi stand together. Shabaz is the child in the middle on the first row, and Shumaila is the girl in the far right on the bottom row.

Blood is the root of one’s life.

These relationships have a very significant place in one's life, but distinctions do exist in them. Parents whose love is unconditional for their children do have children who have turned into parents who love their parents more than they do for their own children. This was the case of a mother who, with a heavy heart, gave up the two little angels of her house, Shumaila and Shabaz, this society’s orphans, to take care of her paralyzed father.

Nature took their father from them, but poverty has taken their mother too as she had to make a heart-wrenching decision between her paralyzed father and helpless children. Being a widowed mother, an uneducated, jobless housewife, she had no option to survive with two children, so she chose to be a good daughter rather than a good mother.

She broke the beautiful bond of a family, leaving her children at their paternal uncle's place. In this world of dearness, their paternal uncle found it a tremendous burden on his low earning to give good care to the forlorn children.

So, destiny brought them to Ma’am Noreen.

Their father vanished into the seven skies, but these kids lost every blood relation due to societal pressures and poverty. Now, these kids' new home is Noreen Zindagi, which became a savior for them in providing them with food, shelter, and a place where they are still hopeful for their bright futures, sharing an even closer bond with each other as they are left with this only blood relation.

Shumaila, despite being an 8-year-old girl, has a high aim of studying and spreading education in society as she wants to be an English teacher, while Shabaz is at such a little age experiencing a very different and new chapter of his life. The time where he was supposed to be with his close family making them laugh with his cute chuckles, has changed to a fierce reality where he has to carry himself in this society. Poverty has not been the only factor that has inflicted this injustice upon him. His body has been equally evil as Shabaz has a problem in one of his eyes which is small and hurts him.

Shumaila and Shabaz have borne more pain than the years they have spent in this world.

The flowers of Allah's garden are sent in this cruel world for a purpose. The meaning of the life of these humans is yet to be discovered, but they are definitely here for a change. This change is dependent on privileged people like us who should come forward and help these children with our minor donations so that they can get a better position in society to maintain the sparkle of their eyes and fulfill their dreams.

Donations impact life and so, our donations will impact these angels, if not one way then most definitely another. Maybe Shumaila gets to nurture the language of the youth, or maybe Shuhbaz finds a way to ease his pain.

Who knows? Only time can tell.

But one thing is for certain, their shoulders would be at ease.

From Afsana: We are pleased to share that we have reached our fundraiser's goal here -- your support and funds will sponsor Fatimah and Malaika for the next six months. If you are interested in continuing to support Noreen Zindagi, find out more information here.

Written by Arooj Saghir and Hafsa Mushtaq of Afsana


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