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Muhammadia Learning Academy

Workers constructing Muhammadia Learning Academy, Skardu, Pakistan

About Muhammadia Learning Academy

Muhammadia Learning Academy was founded in 2014 as a welfare school to bring free education to students of the remote village of Roundu, Skardu in Pakistan, a region in which few students receive the opportunity to pursue even a primary education, let alone anything beyond that. Despite teaching from a building with incomplete facilities, the academy was able to receive contributions from the local community over the past few years and educate hundreds of students in the region. However, there is still work to be done and knowledge to be spread, which is why the community needs your help to build a larger and more advanced facility to serve a greater population of Roundu, Skardu. 

MLA Relief Fundraiser

A recent earthquake struck several remote villages of Gilgit Baltistan, leaving local communities empty-handed and forced to migrate into tents as well as support themselves with limited resources.


Due to the widespread population and the limited availability of remaining resources, most families are still awaiting relief, aid, and support from the generous communities. 


This fundraiser is an effort to provide immediate relief.


Afsana aims to support 200 families in the above villages by providing them necessary, need-specific rations. We hope you join us in providing support to each of these families by donating to our fundraiser and sharing it with others.


First Fundraiser Update

The Muhammadia Learning Academy is working on adding features to their incomplete educational facility. Their goal with the completed school is to not only provide education for all students in the village, but also contain a water reservoir that will provide the community with safe drinking water.

Your donation has helped:

Build the school


Construct a water reservoir


Support health and disabilities seminars


Add a computer lab


And more!

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New carpet installation for classrooms

Photos of Muhammadia Learning Academy:

Hear more about Muhammadia Learning Academy through stories from their students and staff below:

Or visit their website to learn about their history, values and community:

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