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Why the Muhammadia Learning Academy Matters

“I want to become a doctor. The biggest issue in our village is that there is no attention given to women’s education. Either we are married off early or we are just restricted to our village.”

With a disproportionately stronger male influence on village life and only 1 in 100 girls attaining a 10th grade education in Skardu, the Muhammadia Learning Academy is committed to creating a space encouraging women empowerment. Beginning from providing an elementary school education for girls who may have not otherwise been able to go to school, the academy has held true to their goal of "Educate to Empower."

Learn about what the Muhammadia Learning Academy means to two girls, Areena Qurban and Sehrish Jaffer, and the school principal, Anwar Hussain, as they identify their community’s needs, including access to education, teacher resources, clean drinking water, and a well-maintained facility.,

By making a donation to the Muhammadia Learning Academy, you can help the community to stand on its own and help many girls like these to get proper educational facilities. You can learn more about our fundraiser for the Muhammadia Learning Academy here, and you can donate to them here.


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